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While 2021 was a good year for real estate in Tampa, 2022 is predicted to be even better. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the housing market in Tampa metro is expected to remain hot heading into 2022. There’s steady job growth being created by higher-paying professional and business services. In turn, these business expansions are spurring economic growth in Tampa. The result is that there’s a rapidly rising demand for housing in Tampa and Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located.


Population Growth

The population of Tampa (including Hillsborough County) has seen a net population gain of nearly 151,000 new residents over the last ten years, based on statistics from the Tampa Bay Economic Development Council. The most recent population growth report shows that more people are coming to the Tampa Bay metro area than Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach.

Real Estate Market

The housing market in Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater is forecast to be one of the most active real estate markets in 2021. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, home sales in Tampa are expected to jump by 8.7% while prices should grow 7.5% year-over-year.

What Should I Do To Start Investing?
To start investing you should surround yourself with other people like us who are already doing it. You should determine whether you want to be a passive investor or a hands-on investor.
How Much Money Do I Need To Invest?
You don’t need actual money to start investing however you must have some kind of liquidation funds such as an IRA account, 401 k account, and/ or any bonds. If you have some savings in the bank it’s a great time to invest it. Your money will not grow in the bank however it will in real estate. You could have as little as 5,000 dollars to as much as you like. Depending on your assets there are many ways to obtain money to invest in real estate. Please contact us for more information regarding how to start investing today!
How Long Do I See A Return On My Investment?
Real estate allows you to get an infinite return on your investment. Depending on which project will you invest such as fix and flip BRRRR strategies or lease and hold you can always get an infinite return on your investment. Whether you want to be an investor passively or aggressively your money will always work for you!
What Security Do I Have With This Company?
You have the security of being a first lien holder on the property you will be investing in. Our company will use your money as leverage in order to continue acquiring more properties and adding value to Tampa Bay Area and other areas in the country.
In What Ways Can I Invest?
Depending on the amount and the role you like to play. You could actively help us fix properties that we are currently adding values and resell them. if you have the time to spare or you can just give us the investment and see how your money grows. Also, you can expect a high return on your investment depending on the project you will be investing from 8%- up to 20% cash on cash return.

Professional Agents

ANR Realty agents’ are real experts backed up by great training and partnerships that help you save time and effort.

Mobile Optimised

We pride ourselves in the use of technology and innovation to maximize your buying or selling experience. 

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